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Posted by: Targeted seo Monday 18th of February 2019

How Content Marketing Works For You

Content marketing is the process of creating and distributing relevant content to prospects, who in turn convert into customers, and subsequently convert into repeat buyers. The term “content marketing” is actually an umbrella term: it pertains to various tactics, methods and strategies to achieve both the customers’ and business’ goals through the use of relevant content.

The kind of content provided in content marketing does not necessarily promote your main brand, and instead, create interest in your products and services.

Content marketing has been around for a while – the term, maybe not, but the concept, definitely a yes. A lot of organizations utilize content marketing with great content carefully drafted with various essentials in mind, audience being one of them. A successful marketing campaign doesn’t just happen over night. It takes hard work and a lot of strategies to make it work.

Digital Content Marketing Essentials:
You just don’t share content in your website and call it ‘content marketing’. Different components have to be combined to make it work – the absence of one would clearly affect the whole package.

The Right Audience - You don’t put out an article and hope that the right people see it. You first have to understand who your market is. Knowing your market will help establish the foundation for your business. Just like what the “Godfather of Content Marketing” Joe Pulizzi said, you should learn to focus on your audience and build their loyalty over time.

By understanding the basic elements of search engine optimization, you’ll learn how to create and develop useful pages for your website.

Relevant Content - After knowing who your targeted audience is, it’s now time to create your content. It’s the content that triggers the interaction between you and your audience, hence you should always bear them in mind as you produce consistent and relevant content. What you share should be relevant to your audience, but still be related to your product. They see your content; you cross their minds and they remember you.

How To Distribute Valuable Relevant Content

Optimization - It’s not enough that you’ve created the content; you also have to make sure it’s visible or else it’ll be buried beneath the thousands of articles found on the Internet. Through good optimization, you’ll be more visible, hence the bigger chances of potential customers finding you.

Offers - The content won’t focus on promoting and selling your product or service; the presentation will. This is where “Call to Action” comes in, wherein you convince your audience to do something in favor of your product.

Follow-up - This part focuses on your intent to strengthen your relationship with your leads. So now, you have their email addresses. What are you going to do next? How will you show your appreciation for them as your clients? You can try to contact them and ask for their feedback, or maybe suggest topics they’d like to see on your site. Through this, you’ll gain more ideas on future content.

Having all of these essentials will lead to a successful marketing endeavor. Something didn’t work out? Then try out a different way and go for it once again until you find the method that works for you.

Quality Content Maintenance

So you’ve attracted all these leads to your site. You’ve gained followers, email subscribers, and even gained your loyal audience. Good, right? But you shouldn’t stop there. It’s important that you maintain the content you provide so that these people won’t look elsewhere.

Not having any content to provide your clients is bad, but having outdated content is definitely worse. For example, you’ve posted something months ago that had been a hit. It had been shared a lot, comments came in, and had attracted a lot of traffic.

Should you be happy with this content? Yes, but not for long.

If you don’t update this content and let it remain untouched, then chances are someone will find it, read it, and realize that it’s useless and relevant. They’ll leave unsatisfied, and will remember to not visit that site again.

Search engines love fresh content. They can determine which ones are fresh through different factors, such as the date the article was first recognized, times it was updated, its metrics showing traffic and engagement, among others.

Of course, newer is not always better, but Google and other search engines somehow determine when older articles need higher rankings so it’s not something you should worry about.

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The Modern Content Marketing Tools

Content marketing has evolved. Today, there are other means of spreading your content and getting them known aside from the traditional methods marketers & marketing teams have grown accustomed to. Check out these modern ways of content marketing and see if they meet your needs.

Influencers - Influencers are those people who have gained a lot of followers and have the means to reach a large targeted audience. They play a big role in building your audience – those people you are trying to reach are probably listening to these influencers. If you haven’t built your brand yet, then influencer marketing could be one of your best options.

Outreach - Another method that you could use for content marketing is the outreach method wherein you enlist the help of bloggers and media to come up with articles about you. Know their interests, and then provide related content that they can place in their blog post. You also have to be clear on what they’ll want in return; oftentimes, it’s exclusive insider information for the media, and special promos and freebies for bloggers.

Social Media - Through social media, your content can also reach the right audience. You just have to remember to choose the right social media site to focus your efforts on; for example, some content are better posted on Facebook than on Twitter. The timing counts too – you have to see when the audience is active in social networks. Hashtags will also help you out – as long as you don’t overuse them.

Display Ads - Also known as banner ads, display ads are used to show advertising materials across the web. It’s often used for retargeting; users who have visited your site will again be reminded of your site through these ads. Various factors affect retargeting, including frequency, specificity, and duration. If done right, you’ll be able to promote your product or business to qualified leads.

Have you tried out the above modern marketing methods? You might already be familiar with some of them, and so, it won’t be difficult for you to see how they function. Successfully implementing any/all of these methods, you’ll soon see your audience reach grow into your widest audience possible.

Now that you understand what the essentials are for content marketing, as well as the modern tools that you can utilize to fit in with today’s world, then what are you waiting for? Take the first step.

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