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Posted by: Liverpool SEO Agency Monday 27th of May 2024

Why Outsource Your SEO Work

Before you start reading this page, we’d like you to answer two questions …

Do you really think you need to outsource your SEO?
Do you honestly think you can do the job better than SEO experts?

There was a time when any business with a sales element, would have a sales team who thought they were far more important than the marketing team.

Nobody really knew what the marketing guys did, and if ever finances were tight, it was the marketing team who would be sent marching first.

Nowadays, there’s no clear winner in the sales vs marketing battle as any business with a website knows that it can’t be run profitably without optimisation, and that’s definitely one for the marketing experts

If you’ve gone to the effort and expense of forking out for a website with fantastic web design, it isn’t the aesthetics that will get you noticed. You’ll definitely be wanting your investment to earn its keep, and it won’t be able to do that unless it stands out in that loud online crowd.

The bad news is that organic SEO isn’t going to get you noticed any more. At the very minimum, you need to know exactly what the latest rules are so that Google lets you play on page 1.

If you want to craft a full SEO strategy there are so many angles you can take with your content creation alone - from your social media posts generating extra traffic along with guest posts on prominent sites, it’s tricky to know what would work best for you.

It’s so easy to dismiss outsourcing your SEO campaigns because of the cost, but if you look at how much time it would take you to not only create the content for your SEO projects but to deal with the tricks you’d need to learn for it to be an effective campaign, it soon mounts up.

If you then look at the lost revenue in your business or apply your hourly rate to the SEO time, you’ll see it’s not an effective use of your time at all. Both in terms of lost revenue as well as the efficacy of your SEO campaign.

Your business needs to be both competitive and profitable, so tying your time up in your analytics and trialling the latest white hat techniques isn’t going to get you there.

And let’s be honest - do you actually want to be doing that for a decent chunk of your week??

But we get it - not everyone can afford to employ an SEO specialist in house. Salaries are one of the biggest costs for any company and an experienced SEO expert isn’t going to come cheap.

In light of all that, you can see why so many businesses have been using the skills of an external seo agency for their SEO project management for a while now.

It’s an area which has almost exploded as the emergence and growth of the internet has created one huge global community for you to tap into. The days of not being able to afford the local expert who has the monopoly are long gone now that countries such as India, Pakistan and the Philippines are among the leading providers of SEO services.

They are definitely catching up where education and productivity are concerned with high tech industry no longer being exclusive to Western countries.

So this is great news for you right?

Well don’t go splashing the cash just yet.

As with anything, the cost is relative and if your SEO tactics and campaigns are not aligned with your business, you may as well have burnt that money.

So the cost of living in these countries may well facilitate a much lower cost for the services provided by their inhabitants, but they bring with it some flaws which you may want to bear in mind before choosing your SEO firm.

Lower Cost Isn’t Always Cheaper

If you’re looking to outsource your SEO work on the internet, one advantage is that you have the whole globe available to you so it can look like you can secure and negotiate a really good deal.

This may look on paper like a great saving.

We’d like to say though that the cost of someone’s services is virtually always a reflection of their quality - you’re highly unlikely to be able to employ Steven Gerrard to teach your kids to play footie but a bit of homework and a realistic budget could find you a decent alternative.

If you’re just starting out, it’s tempting to go with the cheapest fit you can find, but when you think that with your website’s optimisation it can take around 3 months to truly kick in, it will waste a lot of your time and money investing in an inferior service.

We are approached very regularly with corrective strategy requests to undo what shoddy SEO agencies have put into place.

Your Expertise Will Outdate Very Quickly

Search Engine Optimisation is a rapidly evolving arena. No sooner have you read up on what you need to be doing, the rules will change.

They say that ‘change is the only constant’ and SEO is definitely no exception to this!

Using an outsourced company like ours is the perfect solution. We make it our job to always know the latest rules and techniques to be top of our game. Not only do we deal with the entire project for you within your own business, but we also offer an SEO reseller program where other SEO firms can offer SEO services and outsource them to us.

This means we need to really know our stuff! We deal with the entire projects for clients where we can deal with the account management of multiple clients, and nobody needs to know it’s us. However, it does mean we have to keep a LOT of people happy and very visible online and you can only do this by knowing exactly what you’re supposed to be doing and doing it properly.

It’s A Long-Term Game

In comparison to other promotional strategies, SEO is most definitely a long-term solution and it’s crucial that you don’t have any crossed wires or breakdowns in communication.

Whilst it may seem like you’re getting a bargain when you outsource abroad, where this falls apart most often is the actual communication and working relationship. When you’re simply one of the cogs in a cheap system, it won’t matter so much if you fall by the wayside as there are always plenty of options to replace you.

Where we really pride ourselves is getting to know you and working out your SEO campaign and strategy based on your needs.

We work closely with you to keep you in the loop. After we’ve analysed your activity we’ll share this with you, establish what’s working well and do more of this. We build up some amazing relationships with our clients which just makes our jobs even more rewarding.

Yes we know that sounds cliche but who wants to be working with people that don’t enjoy or understand them?? Not us!

Less Certainty Of Standards

When you use the services of a UK based company, there are various bodies in place to protect your investment. Whether it’s trading standards or simply the impact of a ‘local’ bad review, there’s an implied understanding of exactly what you can realistically expect.

If you look outside of the country for your outsourcing, you’re on less familiar territory and don’t have any idea what you’ll be getting. Your working agreements can often be little more than a verbal or vague ‘deal’ and were dissatisfied with its results.

In our case, you’ll always know exactly what we’ll be doing for you and being part of the same legal and professional frameworks will bring you far more peace of mind than you realise.

A Bit Too Much Culture?

The internet really is a marvel in how it has shrunk our world so much and brought businesses together regardless of their geographical location.

With this has come the meeting of minds and cultures too. But as our behaviour is so innate, the difference in cultural approach can bring its own obstacles.

There will be different ‘approaches’ applied, different techniques and applications that unless you’re an expert yourself, will not be picked up quickly.

You’ll only ever have clear plain English when you deal with us. There’s no mixed messages or confusion and the beauty of working with a native company is that it’s clear when something needs explaining further. We’ll go out of our way to ensure you’re never in the dark on any aspect of your SEO campaigns.

Going The Extra Mile

This one is massive and one that we see all of the time.


In order to get or keep a job, we often see that the overseas outsourced SEO companies will offer to include many tasks over and above the expected ones.

Where this falls over though, is that they can rarely deliver it and either go AWOL altogether or simply come back to you with incomplete work.

They will be so desperate to impress they can even be detrimental to your site in their hurry to get your work done. One area we see this regularly is link building with poor quality links being used which actually demote your sites rankings and in some cases can lead to a Google penalty.


As you can see, there are a lot of factors to take into account when looking at your SEO company. We really don’t want to overwhelm you though!

We like to think we’re a complete SEO solution being able to offer deep technical seo audits, conversion optimisation, content marketing and more.

We’re always here to help you break down any confusion you may have and would love to hear from you with your SEO queries...

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