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Posted by: Liverpool SEO Monday 27th of May 2024

Here at Liverpool SEO, we deal with all things SEO - especially in Liverpool… suppose the name gives it away really doesn’t it!

Joking aside though, through our years of offering quality services to digital marketers everywhere, not just in Liverpool, we have mastered a fair few tricks of the trade.

First things first though, if you’re brand new to content marketing and wondering whether you even need help with your SEO strategy, it may be worth giving this a quick read first.

Maybe you are looking for a full service from an experienced SEO agency where you can hand over all responsibility for your complete SEO campaigns…

Or you may have already dealt with your web design and content and just need the more technical SEO elements handling professionally, we’re here to help with that too.

We offer a full service to really help you boost your potential customers, but before we can do that we need to get to know you and what you’re offering.

Whilst the internet offers global reach, you’ll need to be super clear on who you’re targeting, what you’re offering and exactly who and where your customers are.

With our array of SEO services, we can effectively help you appeal to a local, national and international audience, but not everyone on the planet is going to be a fit for you.

Before we go anywhere near your digital marketing campaigns, we’ll get to know you and understand your business. We’ll look at your personality and style plus any type of digital presence you may have already created with your social media, before we tie it all together.

This is where many digital agencies go wrong - they’re too quick to give you the latest stats and make it about them but this just creates a flash in the pan effect with no longevity to the results.

SEO Campaigns For Liverpool

SEO campaigns are all well and good if you just want to show up in search results, but we take more of a long term view. It takes around 3 months for the groundwork on a well-optimised website to kick in properly anyway, so we want to make sure that this collaborative effort pays off for you longer term.

If your campaign is all about the search result alone, you may well show up on the first page of Google but it will rarely convert to a call to action or a sale.

If your SEO strategy is aligned with exactly who you are, not only will you get more click-throughs, but your customers are likely to come back time and time again because they feel like they understand who you are and are actually a really good fit for you!

One thing we’ve also noticed over the years is that when your campaigns are the perfect fit, you feel heaps better about it too which leads to more sales. Sounds a bit wishy-washy doesn’t it but we see it first hand.

Allow us to explain…

Let’s say you’re a carpenter and an inferior marketing agency has been in touch with you. They’ve stumbled across your site on page 15 of Google, so they give you a call and start to bamboozle you with jargon about ‘white hat this’ and ‘black hat that’, dazzling you with the latest SEO tech lingo and why you really need them.

If they are particularly aggressive with their sales approach, they may have even had you in a near panic as to how your site is more open to hacking and how outdated your site is too.

They’ll regale you with reams of their success stories to emphasise that if you don't optimise your site soon, you may as well not be in business any more as all of your perfectly optimised competitors are going to get the lion’s share of the local custom in Liverpool.

You might already be feeling the pinch and don't want to lose any of the customers you already have, so you reach for the credit card and relax with a smile, having visions of your site being on page 1 in all Google searches ever conducted, ever again.

You’re completely converted on how essential it is to have an expert dealing with all of your SEO strategies and put your faith in their technically able hands.

They crack on and craft an SEO campaign with their latest techniques and after a little while as promised - yep - there you are on page 1 of Google.

But first of all, you notice that you’re showing up for searches in Liverpool, New York not Merseyside!

Then you realise the keywords aren’t quite what you do so you start getting a query or two on cabinet making not carpentry.

Then you get a query or two on exquisite carpentry services which aren’t quite your forte either as you’re not experienced enough. You can blag it a little but you don’t feel honest as it’s not exactly where you’re at right now.

Understanding Local SEO Marketing

Do you catch the drift now?

Fending off poorly fitted queries is going to have you feeling pretty deflated before long before you even mention how you don’t have the time to waste on dud calls.

Having a digital marketing strategy which shares exactly who you are and exactly how you can help your customers so that when you get queries you’re saying confidently ‘yep - I’m definitely your man’ is a completely different ball game. You’ll be walking on cloud 9 once your site’s traffic starts to build with interested and engaged customers.

Sadly though, the days of your organic reach being enough for you to be effectively visible to these lovely customers waiting to hear all about you, are long gone so your website really does need some technical help.

Well, unless you have time to stay ahead of the latest Google rules and indexing criteria which is a full-time job in itself!

So, like we said - where we excel is getting into your head so we can then start to use our technical know-how to shout about you confidently!

We’ll then conduct an SEO audit to assess what’s in place already and if you’re showing up in the right way.

We’ll check out the existing content and how optimised it is - there’s often a need to have new copy written to ensure it’s all on-page optimised to appeal to both Google and your end user. The right keywords need to be in place to attract the right customers so we’ll get a fine tooth comb to these too.

Google likes authority given to your site via your links, so link building is also a key part of your strategy which we’ll incorporate - making sure you’re showing up in local searches as you should be.

We’ll regularly monitor how effective your SEO strategy is and tweak it to ensure it’s always on point - this is more commonly known as CRO - conversion rate optimisation.

For more information on the actual technicalities of what we offer and how we can really get into the nitty gritty of your strategy WITH you, check out our Local SEO services page here.

As we said before, we’re from Liverpool so it goes without saying that we’re a friendly bunch and always happy to help! If you can’t see what you’re looking for or need any advice or help, just get in touch with us here and we’ll see how we can help.

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