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Posted by: Liverpool SEO Agency Saturday 22nd of June 2024

Why You Need An SEO Agency

It's easy to think that you don't need an SEO agency to manage your SEO strategy but here at Liverpool SEO, we'd be bold enough to say we beg to differ.

No offence of course, but…

It's no secret that Google changes its rules more often than Liverpool FC win the football, so even the most intelligent and savvy of business owners will struggle to run their business efficiently from day to day, as well as keep up-to-date with the latest optimisation tactics.

With the reams of information available to us all at the click of a button, we agree that anyone can source the information to piece together their SEO campaigns pretty well. Loads of other businesses are doing it so they’re all SEO experts, right?

But bear with us on this…

This is the equivalent of a digital marketer ‘having a dabble’ at plastering a wall for the very first time. Let’s say he’s going to sell his house and one of the walls is a bit of a mess - so he’s decided to improve it himself...

He could even use that marvellous search engine for all manner of advice - read walkthroughs, watch videos and mentally download enough information to be deemed an expert by the time he’s done.

This is going to be a piece of cake and the house will be sold before you know it.

But any professional plasterer will get a cuppa ready because he knows just how entertaining this ‘dabble’ is going to be to watch! He’s been there before and knows - pun very much intended here - that this is going to get messy!.

Digital Marketing Agency

So switching from home ‘improvements’ to your DIY digital marketing, allow us to give you some context…

As at January 2019, the internet had 4.2 billion users. It’s now known that Google is the main search engine with over 90% of searches using it.

Google currently processes a phenomenal 100 billion searches a month. This works out at an average of 40,000 search queries every second. Add to this, that on any day, 15% of that day’s searches are brand new queries which have never been asked before, so it’s now easier than ever to get it very wrong if you’re using outdated information to market yourself with. You may as well burn your money...

You might think be thinking ‘but I only need to grow my business in my local area - just to let a few potential customers know about me - I’m not trying to attract the whole internet population

We know this. But we promise you - anyone that isn’t clued up on their technical SEO knowledge is going to get lost in a Google abyss.

What our job is to do, is make sure you don’t get lost in that gigantic crowd. We have years of experience knowing exactly how to get you showing up consistently and how to stay on top of what people are looking so that you can be found easily in that ever shifting Google labrynth.

Like we said - if 15% of the queries are totally unique, that’s 6,000 brand new, unasked questions hitting Google every second. It’s almost a full time job keeping up with this alone.

Oh wait - it IS a full time job - for a whole team which is why we’re here.

Gone are the days where you can just have a fairly decent looking website created, pop a selection of words into it touting your services and hey - you’re showing up online. Even adding a few random Social Media posts here and there would have been super effective only 5 years ago but not now - it’s a noisy place online!

You need to take a much more strategic and long term approach now to be heard and noticed. These days, it’s all about the user experience and trying to engage your readers enough to keep them reading as they have so many other options to lure them away at any given second.

We don’t want to overwhelm you at all but your SEO strategy needs to be EXACTLY that - a strategy.

  • You need to combine premium quality search engine optimisation with tactical content marketing.

  • You need perfectly targeted digital PR which brings all of your digital platforms together under your brand seamlessly.

  • You need to constantly tweak and improve your website so that the web design and content are always current and attracting traffic.

  • You need to always know the latest rules and metrics from Google as well as keep up with trends to stay interesting to your audience.

  • You need to regularly check your analytics to see what’s working and do more of it rather than guessing.

Think of it like this…

You open a brand new shop with the latest products in it. You’ve done your research and your stock is going to sell like hotcakes. You kit it all out so it looks uber impressive and it has stunning signage on the outside as you paid a small fortune to an awesome designer to perfect your branding.

You can’t wait for the ch-ching of the till to ring like St Paul’s cathedral bells and you’re already planning that extra holiday you’ll treat yourself to…

Except there aren’t any directions or signposts to your shop.

Doors open on day one and you happen to have a couple of people wandering past. They had a quick look around but you weren’t really what they were looking for so off they pootled to entertain themselves elsewhere…

This is an unoptimised website amidst 100 billion searches. Google has no idea you even exist. Tumbleweed Central!

You realise this so you invest in a few signposts.

But your competitor has had signposts in place for a while so there’s already a decent following going his way. The locals already know and like him, so any time your products come up in conversation, he’s the one who’s suggested as they already know him - they know the key products he sells as he’s spent time letting them all know.

Added to that, he also knows the ROI has been well worth it and keeps reinvesting on more signage as people also know he sells other stuff too… and does repairs…. and hires products… and, and, and…

He’s made a point of promoting every single service by networking with everyone and linking himself to anyone wherever he can.

Add to this, you find out that the police didn’t like where your signs were, so they removed them and a new law has been passed so pavement boards are now a risk to partially sighted pedestrians! It’s not long before all your hard work has come to absolutely zilch because your marketing attempts are nowhere to be seen - you didn’t know the rules.

This is not far from the exact scenario you’ll have if you are not Google compliant.

The reason you enlist the SEO services of an experienced marketing agency such as ours is to ensure there’s not a single tumbleweed in sight. You’ll have a steady stream of traffic coming to your site.

We can help you with everything and can take on the more technical aspects such as helping with link building for instance. Maybe you just need a smaller amount of help such as an SEO audit so you can see where you need to make your own changes or you can have the full works with a fully managed SEO strategy.

From fantastic web design services and providing perfectly optimised content we know our craft and are here to help. For more information on exactly what we do and how, jump over here

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